بســــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــم الله الرحمن الرحــيــم

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله وبركاته

We continue Surah Fatiha with Ayah # 3. After Allah beautifully describes His Mercy in the 2nd Ayah, there is a chance that a person might try to take advantage of Allah’s Mercy.


Some recite this Ayah with “Maalik” while others recite it with “Malik” i.e. with or without the elongation.

Malik refers to Owner. We usually use the word “owner” with respect to small things. E.g. You are the owner of your computer.

Maalik on the other hand refers to King which is basically ownership at a macro level. This is talking about large entities such as lands, countries etc.

The linguistic combination is interesting because Allah is the King of all thebig things that will happen on the Day of Judgement and He is the Owner of the small things which will happen on the Day of Judgement.

The addition of the term ‘Day’ is also important. To understand fully, imagine a person with a bag, if a person owns the bag, generally-speaking they own what is inside the bag as well. If Allah owns the ‘Day’ of judgement, then naturally and logically He owns whatever is going to happen during that time as well. Also note, it is impossible for human beings (or any other created being or thing) to own time. We can claim to do so, but in reality we have no control over what happens to us during that time, let alone what happens anywhere else in the massive universe that Allah has created. And so, by Allah being the Owner of the Day of Judgement, He is the Owner of whatever happens during it. In this world, people can pretend to be owners and kings, but on the day of Judgement there will be no owner nor king, nor sovereign, except Allah subhanahu wa ta’aala.

In this ayah there is another comparison with the previous one. This is the whole concept of judgement/accounting/reckoning on that Day. Note, that while Allah mentioned His mercy in the previous ayah, He did not follow it up with mention of punishment, rather He described it as justice. This is true, because one may say there are only two types of people on the day of Judgement: Those upon whom Allah bestows His mercy, and those who are given justice. These three ayaat cover everything a person needs to know about Allah. This is a complete introduction to Himself. And this knowledge, just like any other, should lead to results. All these descriptions of Allah lead us to the next ayah.

Which will be covered later on InshaAllah…